Fi’zi:k  Cyrano Stem R1

Fi’zi:k Cyrano Stem R1

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Cyrano Stem: The fi'zi:k stem is designed to form the cockpit when fitted with the Cyrano Handlebar and Seatpost. It is made using a combination of Ergal Aluminium and Anticorodal Aluminium.
Ergal is a 7075-series aluminum with a high strength-to-density ratio, this material has the highest level of stiffness. Ergal also has good fatigue resistance, particularly important in cockpits.
The Cyrano Stem is available in a choice of seven different lengths ranging from 70mm to 130mm, and in a choice of drop angles: 7° and 20°. When combined with the correct choice of Cyrano handlebars, specified according to the Spine Concept system, you can ensure high-performance, long-lasting cockpit with the perfect fit.
It weights just 128g (110mm - 7°).

Body Material: Aluminium Ergal
Head Material: Aluminium-Anticorodal
Bolts: Titanium
Diameter: 31,8 mm
Angle: 7°; 20°
Weight: 128 g (110 mm - 7°)
Size: 80; 90; 100; 110: 120; 130;

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